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IELTS 5 Practice Tests, General Set 1-6: Tests No. 01-30 (High Scorer’s Choice) Illustrated Edition 

by Simone Braverman (Author), Robert Nicholson (Author)

A very usefull book , many tests with a great cd and answer key.

Source: POL Edu the best English center in Hanoi.

IELTS 5 Practice Tests FULL 6 sets

  • Publisher ‏ : ‎ Simone Braverman 
  • Language ‏ : ‎ English

Updated in 2023 to reflect recent changes in the IELTS test.

Each set from ‘High Scorer’s Choice’ series contains 5 full length IELTS practice tests (no. 6-10) and is a must-have study tool to achieve a high band score in IELTS.

These tests feel as authentic as the real IELTS papers, and doing them at home is a great way to estimate your real IELTS score.

Being a demanding test, IELTS requires a thorough preparation and these tests will help you master exam strategies, polish your techniques and raise your confidence.

  • 5 full-length General Training IELTS practice tests with answers
  • Listening recordings (downloadable mp3) with transcripts, locations of answers in sentences are underlined
  • Sample speaking test recordings (downloadable mp3) with examiner’s report on every student’s performance and an approximate Band score
  • Reading Answer Help chapter shows why correct answers are the right ones and where they are located in the passages
  • All writing tasks have model answers provided

Download IELTS 5 Practice Tests FULL 6 sets


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