German in 3 Months with Free Audio App by DK Free download

German in 3 Months with Free Audio App: Your Essential Guide to Understanding and Speaking German (Hugo in 3 Months) by DK PDF free download [update: 11.2022]

German in 3 Months with Free Audio App by DK

  • Publisher ‏ : ‎ DK; Bilingual edition (April 5, 2022)
  • Language ‏ : ‎ English
  • Paperback ‏ : ‎ 256 pages
  • ISBN-10 ‏ : ‎ 0744051614
  • ISBN-13 ‏ : ‎ 978-0744051612

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Inside this book, German in 3 Months with Free Audio App by DK, you’ll find:

• “Imitated pronunciation” sections that make unfamiliar German sounds less daunting to English learners
• Word lists, key phrases and model sentences that build vocabulary
• Three self-assessment sections that allow the learner to engage with their own learning, and exercises follow each grammar lesson, reinforcing what has just been taught
• Includes two mini bilingual dictionaries, meaning you can check words in both English and GermanLearn to speak German in just three months with this practical and comprehensive self-study language course.


No# Title Page
1 Week 1 9
Speaking German
The alphabet and spelling
Pronunciation | Vowels and vowel combinations
Consonants | The hiatus  | Word stress | Punctuation
2 Week 2 25
Word endings and word order; Greetings and everyday phrases
The definite article (‘the’); The plural form of ‘the’
Forming the plural of nouns, Exercises
3 Week 3 32
Grammatical case and declension
Personal pronouns
Useful verbs: ’to be’,    ‘to have’, and ’to make’
Exercises, vocabulary and  conversation
4 Week 4 39
The indefinite article (‘a’/‘an’)
The dative case (indirect object) Verbs used with indirect objects Exercises, vocabulary and conversation
5 Week 5 53
Asking questions
Forming negative sentences
The imperative (command form)
Adjectives and adverbs Exercises, vocabulary and  conversation
6 Week 6 67
The expression es gibt (‘there is’, ’there are’)
Exercises, vocabulary and conversation
7 Week 7 76
Words with the same declensions as der, die, das
Possessive adjectives
Adjectives before nouns
Ordinal numbers and fractions
Informal address
Word order
Exercises, vocabulary and conversation
8 Week 8 90
More on word order
Auxiliary verbs: ‘can’, ‘must’, ‘will’, etc.
Using auxiliary verbs
Measurements and quantities
The expressions es ist and es sind (‘there is’/’there are’)
Verbs for ‘to be’ indicating position
Verbs for ‘to put’ indicating position
More about prepositions Exercises, vocabulary and conversation
9 Week 9 107
More about der, die, das
Uses of the present tense
Present tense: irregular verbs
The present perfect
Which auxiliary: sein or haben?
Uses of the present perfect
The past participle
Time expressions
Nicht wahr?, etc.
Exercises, vocabulary and conversation
10 Week 10 133
The genitive case (possession)
Prepositions requiring the genitive
Masculine n-nouns
More on separable-prefix verbs
Zu + infinitive
Expressing purpose
Ohne and statt
The passive voice
The present perfect with modal verbs
The simple past tense  Exercises, vocabulary and conversation
11 Week 11 155
Terms that express quantity
Using adjectives as nouns
Linking clauses
Linking words affecting  word order
Reflexive pronouns
Reflexive verbs
Exercises, vocabulary and conversation
12 Week 12 179
More on the simple past tense
Stem-changing verbs in the past
The past perfect (e.g. ‘I had been’)
The general subjunctive
More on the general subjunctive
Conditional statements
   (‘If… then…’)
The passive with zu + infinitive
Idiomatic particles that express mood
Exercises, vocabulary and conversation
13 Week 13 199
The present participle
   (the  -ing form) and alternatives
   to using it
More linking words
Addressing a group informally:
   the plural ‘you’: (ihr)
Subordinate clauses with
   two infinitives
Impersonal expressions
The special subjunctive
Reported speech
Word order in reported speech
Participle clauses Exercises, vocabulary and conversation
14 Reading practice 223
Eine Reise durch Europa
15 Key to exercises 225
16 Mini-dictionary German–English 233


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