Comprehensive Organometallic Chemistry IV 15 volume set PDF free download

Comprehensive Organometallic Chemistry IV by Gerard Parkin (editor), Karsten Meyer (editor), Dermot O’Hare (editor) PDF Free download [update: 11.2022]

Comprehensive Organometallic Chemistry IV

Fourth edition – Paperback (16 Aug 2022) – £5,745.00, Free download now.

ISBN: 9780128202067
Publisher: Elsevier Science
Page: 9388
Pub date: 16 Aug 2022
Edition: Fourth edition

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Comprehensive Organometallic Chemistry, Fifteen Volume Set is the market-leading resource covering all areas of this critical sub-discipline of chemistry.

Divided into 15 clear sections, it provides expert coverage of the synthesis, structures, bonding and reactivity of all organometallic compounds, including the mechanisms of the reactions.

Applications of organometallic chemistry, such as the role of these compounds as reagents and catalysts for organometallic transformations, and their participation in bioorganometallic chemistry, is then covered.

This is a vibrant area, as illustrated by the fact that the 2001, 2005 and 2010 Nobel prizes in Chemistry are all concerned with organometallic chemistry.

This new edition will therefore again provide an invaluable and efficient learning resource for all researchers and educators looking for up-to-date analysis of a particular aspect of organometallic chemistry.

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